Consulting and advisory services in strategy and development



Costing and technico-economic analysis

For an association of telecom operators, Progressus Corporation has elaborated a modeling of the cost of the copper local loop, in order to determine the fair cost corresponding the unbundling tariff.

  • Reconstruction of the investments of the incumbent in the local loop
  • Elaboration in a current cost methodology for the evaluation of investments
  • Presentation of the results to the regulator and to the press


Strategic Marketing and business plans

For a large European operator, elaboration of the development plan for broadband DSL services:

  • Elaboration of scenarios for the penetration of the BtoC and BtoB markets, for triple play services (voice, data, image)
  • Determination of the best alternative
  • Elaboration of the detailed business plan
  • Elaboration of service offerings on the various markets


Strategic Due Diligence

For a financial investor, strategic analysis of the business plan of a satellite operator, in the perspective of an investment:

  • Strategic vision of the satellite market and strategic positioning of the operator
  • Analysis of the budgeted investments and impact on valorization


Financial structuring of service offering

For a European operator, elaboration of a financial structuring and marketing approach for outsourcing offers:

  • Impact of outsourcing on value creatio
  • Positioning of outsourcing in terms of M&A activity
  • Elaboration of the corresponding strategic marketing vision


Strategic Marketing

For a large player of on-line services (Instant Messaging, portals, search, email...), elaboration of a model for demand and impact on marketing policies on the evolution of remand and revenue, and implementation of a marketing budget allocation model:

  • Analysis of the evolution of demand for various on-line operators
  • Elaboration of a model explaining the on-line ad revenue and market share with market of operator parameters
  • Elaboration of a budget allocation model allowing to optimize on a worldwide basis the allocation of budgets to countries and products



For a large telecom operator, economic work in a jurisdictional case for the European Commission

  • Economic Analysis for retail and wholesale pricing
  • Market Impact
  • Evaluation of fair wholesale pricing


Quantitative analysis

Modeling of current telecom market for fixed and mobile services based on statistical dataand market study and elaboration of propective scenarios

  • Fixed and mobile telecom market modeling
  • Qualitative and quantitative marlet study
  • Key market drivers
  • Elaboration and quantification of market prospective scenarios